A dedicated fibre network for London Business.

10 Gbps as a minimum. £650 per month.
Price guaranteed for the life of the contract.

Why Vorboss?

10Gbps is the new baseline.

Vorboss is the only Internet Service Provider that offers 10Gbps as a minimum - meaning that our network can cope with the demands of the most data-hungry businesses for the next decade and beyond.


Owning the network changes the game.

While today there is a choice of providers, the reality is that most are just selling access to the same underlying fibre network.

At Vorboss, we realised that the only way to deliver truly exceptional, business-class internet and connectivity was to build our own fibre network, with our own people to our own standards. So that's what we did.

Deal with experts, not call centres.

When you contact us, you’ll directly reach someone who intimately knows our network and can best find the right solution for your needs.

Our team is able to work directly with customers and landlords to ensure installations are completed quickly and efficiently.

Welcome to internet with ambition.

Built from the ground up, by Vorboss.